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Folkuniversitetet 80 year jubilee film
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Since its beginning, Folkuniversitetet was a meeting place for people’s free search for knowledge, for learning, cultural experiences and opportunities for reflection. To this day they have offered the education and training the society demanded. Despite that, a fresh study shows that far too few people associate Folkuniversitetet with renewal. The aim was to change that.

The task was to develop a motion graphic film using archive material from Folkuniversitetet’s course materials, activity photos and campaign films. The film will show the timeline of achievements, innovation and development so that public associate Folkuniversitetet as a leading provider of education and personal development.
At the same time, those who work at Folkuniversitetet should feel the pride, know the history of the organisation and be its strongest ambassadors.

Folkuniversitetet Göteborg 80-års jubileum film

Göteborg film

Lund film